The developers of the website are not so practical like the SEO experts during the website construction which works perfectly in the arena of SEO.  The SEO development of site needs different practical skills and a unique set of technical talents. If you follow the standard checklist, you can also follow the guidelines of the Google’s webmaster for accomplishment in the all-significant modest universe in SEO. The standard checklist aspects include the organized data, site promptness optimization, cross-platform compatibility, HTML developments, and other expansion jobs from a designer’s viewpoint in the framework of SEO.

With the examination of such things in details, it becomes easy to identify the probable barriers and blockages usually related to the life cycle of website development. The list classifies things regularly enclosed in webmaster tools of Google and also makes you assure that all vital bases are concealed for a fruitful website optimization consistently. Furthermore, the checklist also includes the lesser recognized but essential items which are significant to grab at the time of improvement in advance of the website go live.

How do you know that Tools of Google Webmaster Correctly Installed?

The maximum number of websites uses the webmaster tools of Google as well as the Google analytics as their data tracking package of choice. Obviously, there are some other choices also. However, trailing programs are insignificant in case of incorrect configuration.

Checklist Item no. 1: Does My Traffic Tracking Program Installed Properly?

The improper installation of the tracking program can lead to the spit back incorrect, improper data, or the replica information displaying an upsurge without the true increase. One of the simple things to do is to get assurances that the tags of the tracking program are installed only one time on your site page. Inaccurate installations and numerous installations can turn out to be big annoyances in future. It is recommended by Google that you should use the Google Tag Manager for the multifaceted installations of analytics.

Have a look: Mobile First Growth

The index of mobile first from the Google has been a rumor earlier, but now it’s no more a rumor. Using the approach of mobile-first approach is constantly a good notion in the web development.

Checklist Item No. 2: Is the website Mobile-Friendly?

The mobile-friendly website has two dissimilar implications in the world of development.

Does your website follow the regular development practices expending a receptive CSS style sheet using media questions? Or

Does your website use a distinct sub domain for mobile? Although it is not integrally erroneous to use the sub-domain for mobile, it might create SEO tougher.

Whenever anybody uses the sub domain, it means that it is the next important property of the web in Google. In comparison to the usage of sub-folder (a site extension), the sub-domain is deliberated a distinct property of web. It might become tougher to succeed during the specific SEO jobs like link procurement.

Checklist Item No. 3: Structures of Mobile URL resulting in Identical Content

As per the opinion of the author, while using the mobile domain of the site, you must be ensured that the site must be established in such a manner so that the structures of the URL does not lead to the formation of duplicate content.

Usage of the numerous URLs which display similar content can result in the duplicate content. Thus, during the formation of the mobile site, the best thing is to that you can show the tag of rel=canonical tag for displaying the desktop website in place of the original content’s source. It will aid in the avoidance of the duplicate content problems. You should keep in mind that guidelines of Google’s developer also endorse it.

Moreover, certify that structures of URL in the course of development do not get uncontrollable, particularly during the website’s setting up for https://. It is usual development procedure to acquire secure documentation for websites which use https://, however, be cautious. Any person who does not buy the correct secure license, it will lead to the scuttling difficulties owing to error 404s. It’s like this: The content’s page over the https://and https://www, result in problems of duplicate content and crawl as Google simply gets jumbled by numerous URLs displaying the similar content.

For evading this problem, you should buy the wild card category of the secure license which proves that no duplicate URLs were made in the course of development. Or else, you physically must to do 301 redirects, and this can turn in to a big nightmare while having a bigger website.

The integral issues of constructing a website along with the mobile, secure and all the vital URLs, one of the finest things is to buy the wildcard secure document and make a website with the help of1solo style sheet for monitoring the design across strategies. It is a good way to reserve the mobile content which Google enjoys to perceive. You also get a chance to reduce the issues of URL structure by solving the issues at one time and you may decrease the server’s calls.

Look At This: Structured Data of

Micro data of is turning out to be more significant on websites, and forming websites by coding the micro data of correctly is vital.

Checklist Item #4: Is My Structured Data Coded Properly?

The formation of the procedure in which you physically check the structured data of with the help of authentication tool of Google’s is a virtuous procedure of becoming a more fruitful coder. If you do not follow this procedure, it means that you are flying carelessly and have to bear the consequences of the Google misperception in case of execution of the incorrect data. There are so many errors which get exposed to the Testing Tool of Google’s Structured Data and only a few are left behind which might occur. This other error should also get corrected and let’s understand what occurs if you do not correct them!

For instance, you are constructing a restaurant’s website and desire to comprise the location information and name of the restaurant on the site. During the initial passing of coding the structured data of, you recognize certain odd punctuation and related mistakes in the data of

<div itemscope itemtype=”brand”><span name=”organization”>Copyright Company Name, All Rights Reserved</span></div>

<div itemscope itemtype=”brand”> Copyright <span name=”organization”>Company Name </span>, All Rights Reserved</div>

The declaration of the copyright is present in the first instance inside the entire tags. If you see the second instance, the name of the company is well located amongst the closing and opening span tags. We desire to have the second instance.

It is a specimen of appropriate coding errors which happen during the coding of micro data of Such mistakes do not highlight in any tool. So it is essential to do a physical check for finding these errors.

By executing a comprehensive checking procedure before the go-live of the site, you must ensure these kinds of problems don’t appear in future in the course of the SEO development.

 Look At This: Check File of Robots.txt

At times, for the period of development, it might be essential to totally block domain’s access before the session of go live. Generally, it is completed with the help of the below command in the file of robots.txt over the server:

Disallow: /

But there are some examples in which the code’s set has remained totally overlooked. People do not know the underperformance of their website. Thus, you should get assure that there is no directive of disallowing the file of robots.txt. It will stop the search engines crawling and might damper the performance of the site.

There is a huge dissimilarity between the “Disallow: /” and “Disallow:” People who are non-SEO experts, such commands might look puzzling.

  • Disallow: / (including the forward slash) refers that all the thing son website root down shall be completely obstructed from indexing access of search engine.
  • Disallow: (non-inclusion of the forward slash) refers that entire user agents and search engine spiders can visit the website without problem from the root down of the site.

Checklist Item No. 5: Does the Robots.Txt File possess a “Disallow from the Root Directory” Command?

You might visualize that the correct elimination of this command is a right examination step for certifying that search engines might have proper site access.

Look At This: Check of Staging Site Domain

The maximum website developers know that at the time of development, a staging website is made to test the earlier site versions, new code, and revising other problems the sites go live. One usual mistake in the development procedure is misplacing some examples of a staging site domain while organizing the first launch of the site. By checking this you can eradicate mistakes like improper loading of images, 404 errors, and other problems.

Checklist Item No. 6: Are there are any Examples of Staging Site Sub-domains on my website?

By using the effective techniques of find and replace, you can rapidly examine for and substitute any examples of the staging site sub-domain. E.g., in the preferred program of development, by means of Ctrl + H on the Windows screen, you might simply use the find and replace for discovering all occurrences of the staging site sub-domain. During the go-live of the site, the shall replicate as a substitute of But without the implementation of the checking, the site cannot go live at any place.

Important note:

The process of checking is not required if a comparative URL is utilized at the time of development, as contrasting to complete URLs. People who are not aware of this, comparative URLs drip all earlier the chief sub-folder in a structure of URL. As per the configuration of your site, you might not even require executing this phase.

Look At This: Errors of HTML

The regular HTML errors may result in the poor site’s interpretation over numerous platforms. It can lead to the problems related to the site speed or user experience and thus affect the ranking of the site. It does not directly affect the ranking but it might influences the ranking indirectly, for example, in case of absence ofW3C valid code.

The validity of W3C is not needed for the website ranking; however, it might result in the indirect upsurge in rankings as the validity of W3C might benefit in decreasing the speed of site with the better-enhanced designs and coding practices. Enhanced coding practices might also benefit Google apprehend your website stress-free.

You should keep in mind that using a checklist for usual errors does not let you get free of the whole thing. It might result in the small glitch in performance upsurge if further main problems previously occur on a website. However, you can do the fixing if the entire site’s SEO stoops in an order.

One more thing to note down is that there are two institutes of thought while talking about the HTML errors. One institution believes that the right coding is not important and the website will function perfectly in the Google. A new institute of thought has faith in that right coding result in the better performance comprising improved performance in the outcomes of search engines.

Since I am a developer who turns into SEO, the main focus of mine is to do the whole W3C inspection and authentication on the websites after having a complete control. There are circumstances when such perfect coding is not conceivable. Thus it is essential to review the condition yourself as whatever you read here cannot be executed always.

Checklist Item No. 7: Are there Main Instances of Coding Errors on my website?

The regular error of coding is the use of multi-lingual documents or papers which were implied with one kind of document but executed over the innovative display with one more document category. Some website developers cut the documents corners. Such type of overall look of coding papers leads to several errors of coding by the validator of W3C.

People who don’t have any experience should modify every single tag of HTML or further coding instance for meeting the standards of W3C? What do you say?

Well! It all results in the case of the clean act of ‘copy and paste’. In the maximum instances where project scoping, budgets, and other problems affected by development periods, it might be difficult to execute the correct fix of assuring entire coding follows to the selected document category.

The easy solution, particularly on big websites that includes the involvement of the inter-departmental teamwork, great budgets, and third parties, might be to just alter the line of DOCTYPE to be the correct DOCTYPE the file was implicit in.

Checklist Item No. 8: Are there any Effective Code Design on my website?

According to the Managing Director and Founder of iPullRank, Michael King, “The layout of the code is very essential”.

The layout of code can influence execution periods, total website speed, and ultimately the concluding site’s performance. As per the outlook of the server, it is a vital footstep of getting accurate.

As per the viewpoint of the client, it can influence the period of loading. While bearing in mind coding of client-side, let’s tell you few examples. In the era of 1998, discovering the code designs with 2400 columns and 2400 rows in the table of non-CSS layouts was not unusual. In fact, in the year 2017 finding the overstuffed code designs with 50 columns and 50 rows made completely in layered DIVs is not uncommon, where the quantity of columns and rows is inept and adds nothing to the complete design.

It is not impossible to compress certain over stuffed designs down to three DIVs (and possibly 1 or 2 cased DIVs): content, header, and footer. It relates to the client-side. Over the back-end from the outlook of server-side, the layout of code from PHP to CSS, JavaScript, as well as HTML, effective improvement practice must take into consideration the code’s minification and the improved layouts of coding.

Another problem: Meta tags must similarly be coded rendering to DOCTYPE. The errors shown by the validator of W3C owing to the Meta tags refers that it is almost certainly being instigated by self-concluding Meta tags utilized in the DOCTYPE which does not offer for them.

Look At This: Issues of Image

During the web designing the images are utilized for conveying the mood, creating things appears cool and for express a story. But images might also obstruct the customer experience if they turn out to be quite big. Currently, above all, with the help of the mobile index looming of Google, it is vital to deliberate image size while increasing mobile’s website speed. Although it has constantly remained the best approach in development, not every person in the development of site applies these practices.

Let’s take you back in some olden time of the year 1998. At that time, it was ordinary to validate that the size of pages does not exceed 35 KB. As per the archive of HTTP, maximum pages of the web in HTML files currently don’t surpass the size of 14 KB. Maximum pages of web currently don’t go beyond 648 KB comprising all probable features like images, fonts, scripts, video, etc. Thus, while developing your website, you should go for the smallest size. It will not only let you run the site fast and also improve the overall performance of the site.

Checklist Item No. 9: Do the Images result in Needless Bottlenecks?

The author says that every developer must do image optimization. According to the experience, there are numerous designers who do not make utilization of techniques of image compression. E.g., in Photoshop you can compress any image to controllable file size although sustaining physical measurement size and quality. It is normally performed on images by altering the settings of JPG while transferring a web image.

Diverse Platforms for Development: Do the Images Needlessly Big without any requirement?

It not only considers the downloading size of the image but also the pixel measurements of the image. The developers of WordPress are the main law breaker of this specific checklist thing. The images get uploaded and resized on the WordPress without considering the downloading size.

If you are careless about it then,20 x 20 image can lead to the size of 2 MB on the WordPress. Thus, to avoid this situation, you must open the image for compression and resize in Photoshop. Keep an eye on the concluding download size of the image in WordPress so that the unplanned bigger size of the image does not harmfully influence the speed of your site.

Look At This: Plug-Ins of Search and the Additional Plug-Ins

While developing a site on the WordPress, problems can emerge without the fault of the developer. Search plug-ins might do the irreversible loss and harm to the site if not captured soon. For example: after writing in the search plugin, it can generate several pages for each solo search. In such situation, you not only fetch numerous blank pages but also accumulate the bandwidth bill through the hosting provider of the site.

Checklist Item No. 10: Is there Any Rogue Plug-Ins Instigating Main Problems with SEO?

Additional reprobate plug-ins may result in main problems of SEO particularly while inserting links in the page’s footers automatically as well as other problems.

Look at This: Speed of Site and Configurations of Server

If you apply the instruction of the checklist it will let you achieve the best speed for your website. But still, there are many issues which you must deliberate during the configurations of the server and also at the time of the site speed. Certain blockages can be produced by server problems, however, this will let you recognize and understand which blockages occurred due to the server. Various common blockages comprise the subsequent that are entirely properly stress-free fixes.

In the beginning, you should check the speed of the site with the help of the speed testing tool by the Google. Google have relocated maximum of their speed of page and further perceptions into their Testing Tool for Mobile. Moreover, the usage of the test tool for website i.e. is also recommended.

Checklist Item No. 11: Does Your Server utilize the GZip Compression?

The usage of the GZip compression over the server benefits in the compression of the files for the quicker transmissions on a network. Nowadays on the maximum servers, this feature comes inbuilt but sill it causes some problems on few servers. Some of the might does not know about it, but it must be present on your server. You can verify it by having a check on

Checklist Item No. 12: Time of Server to Main Byte Loaded

Does your first byte take more time at the time of loading on the website in comparison to the other loading? Yes?

Well! It might be blockages which support in excluding every single preceding performance bit for the period of the website development. The time of first-byte verifies the “period from which the customer begins the page navigation till the reply of the server’s first bit attained.” If there is a problem in metric’s glory, it generally means an issue of server configuration which can be solved by the technician of the server.

However, after following the entire items related to the optimization in the checklist does not give positive outcomes and you still stuck in the lengthier issue of first-byte loading then the best way is to contact the technician of your server. It will benefit in solving out any unresolved matters accessible by this issue.

Final Valedictory Thoughts

The website development might be a thrilling and fun effort. However, if you do not pay any attention then it could also be a stimulating matter formed with problems which can outbreak an SEO performance of site for many years in future. Execution of a comprehensive site inspection over a present website could be the solution you required while solving the problems of your website.

Or else, while doing the website development, follow the guide’s steps which benefit you in getting the website at any amazing place as per the SEO outlook. In the future, an approach of mobile-first development with a stress on the speed of website will be a vital growth footstep pin the direction of captivating an advantage in the viable background of Google SEO.

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