Content triggering is generally linked with showing a trigger warning or a content warning to the viewer regarding the distressing nature of the upcoming content. It might conceal the content in advance till the time viewer chooses to continue watching the content. Such type of warnings is protruding from the viewers who can have the strong adversely distressing response. For instance, viewers might even demonstrate the self-hurting act post watching such content.

What do you want to know regarding the content triggering?

The content triggering is also known as activation warning or stress warning. It is mainly designed to evade major influences or trigger in the viewer’s specific response. If such warning comprises of lots of details about the content then it may also trigger a specific reaction in the disturbed survivors. For example, the notice of “graphic content of sexual violence” does not put any major influence on the spectators.

The following things are included in the content triggering:

1. Description of warlike US attack of Afghanistan.
2. Graphic content related to the sexual abuse.
3. Descriptive or realistic illustrations regarding the person distress from mental abuse or self-hurting behavior
4. Conferring eater-disordered conduct or body shaming
5. Comprehensive talks about disordered eating, suicide, self-caused harmor any other self-hurting performance.
6. Graphic triggers for viewers devising photo-sensitive problems
7. Use of hate speech or offensive language
There are some nations who normally disclose the violent or sexual content at the beginning of the TV show or movie. But the fictional acts do not consist of any such type of warning.

Some movie show and TV supporters insist on including the warning related to the

a. Violence
b. Specific and any sensual performances
c. Activities and outlooks those are prejudiced

For evading the triggering content a trigger in the audiences, it is very important to escape the practice of any phrasing which can cause a self-hurting act or an offensive emotion. Professionals too recommend following game theology to deliver the content depiction comprising some common anxieties or triggers linking other main issues. Such method might need the viewers to follow an in-depth and nearby interpretation to spot anything which distresses them.

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