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AnalogDigitalCafe is the best PPC Company from India that manages your PPC campaigns. Need to grow your business? To Outsource PPC (Pay Per Click) in India becomes first choice and AnalogDigitalCafe becomes a natural choice of clients.

Get Greater Returns on your Investment

Do you have any requirement to create quick sales and objected leads? Our company has the team of qualified Adwords experts that make is the top partners in the Google Premier. The experts work collectively to help you in attaining your ROI objectives.

What is the Dissimilarity among SEO and SEM (PPC)?

SEO is a procedure to attain improved organic, free arranging on keywords inside the search results whereas the SEM is a paid search and promotion assignments create inside the results of the searching. SEO usually possess an enhanced ROI, however, the procedure might need numerous months to get results. There is a good ROI in SEM and the consequences are more instant. As soon as your advertisements go live, an upsurge in sales, traffic, and leads can be seen. PPC and SEO both must be the fragment of a more wide-ranging marketing plan.

Why Our Company is the Best in Managing the PPC Campaigns?

Our company deals in the successful creation of the PPC campaign. Any person can make a PPC campaign; however, generating the PPC which provide results needs an in-depth study and investigation. Our team constructs your campaign which will direct the correct clients towards you.

Useful Keyword aiming

Our team finds those keywords which can benefit from flourishing your promotion without spending lots of budget. After observing the competition as well as other aspects, we certify your easy reach with full perspective.

Selection of the Landing Page

While making a PPC advertisement, selecting the landing page is quite significant. Our team will help you in making sure that as soon as somebody hits over your advertisement they get directed towards a landing page along with an incredible appeal to act which offer them the finest chance to transform.

Writing attractive advertisements

The way of writing the ads is a significant characteristic of a fruitful campaign. Our team writes advertisements which invite customers to hit on them along with the encouragement to execute.

Monitoring of the Keyword performance

It is very important for every client that its budget is being utilized judiciously. Our team makes ROI objectives and modifies offers consequently built on the keywords which are creating the finest conversions.

Responding to customer trends

Customer trends might benefit us in knowing that in what way the advertisement might require to modify with the aim of is successful results. Our team tracks these drifts to comprehend where the hits are occurring and in what way your advertisement might be revised to fetch benefit.

Concrete analysis of advertisements

We constantly observe the efficacy of the advertisements to certify they are moving at peak with full effectiveness.

Would My Business utilize the PPC promotion?

Creating new clients is vital for any trade to develop and funded search promotion is a necessary fragment of an accomplished internet advertising promotion. To get the instant leads, traffic, or deals for your trade, PPC is the best. Our company deals in the pay per click promotions on Bing Advertisements and Google AdWords. We usually suggest to our customers to solitary promote on these 2 podiums as the superiority of search traffic is considerably less on another level search engine.

PPC Costing - It's Completely in your hands

The best part about PPC is that the customer fixes the budget. Our team function in your ad budget to supply the greatest competent traffic for conversion. If somehow you are not sure about the right budget then, our company will offer you information and help regarding the budget that can provide good results.
In our company, the bottom most PPC plan begins at $400. The advertisement budgets are allotted straight to the CPC expenses indicted by search engines. The administration charges are calculated as a proportion of expenditure along with a least periodic payment. You can ask for a free consultation at present for additional information.


PPC campaigns are a proven method of generating quick results. Be it lead generation, online presence or generating e-commerce sales, PPC campaigns play an important part in brand marketing plan. The costing completely depends on the client budget.

Instant Outcomes
There is no requirement of a long time in the PPC to drive your site towards the top and as certain significant ROI. Only activate the PPC and you can see the outcomes instantly.
Simply Pay For The things you Acquire
PPC provides full value to your invested money. You might constantly assume to acquire the maximum from your advertisement expenditure as you have to pay simply once somebody hits over your advertisement.
Recognize Your Viewers
PPC benefits in discovering the probable customers by recognizing, understanding, and aiming the correct viewers regardless of places, languages, or gadgets utilized.
Fetch Extra Conversions
Attaining higher rates of conversion turn out to be easy and quick with the help of the result-oriented methods, kick-ass plans, and frequent refinement of promotions in PPC.
Transfer to Fresh Markets
PPC offers broader publicity by providing entrance to fresh marketplaces. It functions as a promoter for the development of your trade and speeds up your success remarkably.
Manage and control
PPC gives excellent control on your funded promotion drives. You can select it for making your promotions more customizable, flexible, and controllable.

How do we do it for you?

The PPC Process of our company is simple yet proficient. It comprises of a number of steps.


It does not matter that you begin with the pay per click operation or with the active PPC account, our team always begin with the initial discussion fetch flawless understanding of your:

  • Objective Audience
  • Company and Goods
  • Trade Goals

Campaign Approach

Our company frame a correct campaign plan that offers data and info from opponent examination to articulate PPC Advertising strategies built on:

  1. Targeted Services/Products to Vend
  2. Targeted Marketplace/Viewers
  3. Entire Expenditure Budget
  4. Maximum Expected Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

Structure and Organization of Campaign

  1. Numerous Campaigns and Advertisement-Groups Formation
  2. Keyword Study and Exploration
  3. Conversion Tracking Code
  4. Campaign Settings (Time of the day, Targeted Regions,)
  5. Advertisement-Copy Growth (Display and search Ads)


Once the PPC campaign becomes active our team trail up with continuous observation for the improvement in the campaign with

  1. Landing Page Optimization
  2. Budget and Bidding Management
  3. Improving Quality Score of Keyword

Reporting and analysis

We deliver you monthly as well as weekly reports that help you in judging the achievement of the PPC promotion. We make sure that you get greater revenues and enhanced business development.



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