Cancellation Policy

Our company considers in facilitating its clients as much as possible, and that is why we have a very liberal cancellation policy.

Rules Under this policy:

The cancellations will only be taken into consideration of your request us within the period of 12 hours after assigning an order. On the other hand, we will not consider those the cancellation application whose orders have been transferred to the sellers/dealers/implementation team and any one of them have commenced the procedure of working or shipping on it.

We will not cancel those orders which are placed below the Similar Day Delivery class.

We will not entertain those cancellations of the services or products which our marketing team has acquired on extra ordinary events/occasions/proposals like Month-end deals, rebate advertisings, Halloweens, Diwali,  New year, Christmas,  etc. All these offers come under the limited offers scheme and thus it will not be possible for us to do cancellations.

We will not return the paid money for that cancellation which is done after the period of 12 hours of placing an order.  However, we can adjust the money in your future orders placed within the period of 90 days.

We will not hold any responsibility regarding the third part service deficiency in the services like the server, hosting, content writing, images, etc. Any efforts laid by our company while liaising or coordinating those services have to be paid according to the company’s standard rate.

If somehow you think that the received product is not as presented on the website according to your hopes then, you can complain about it to our customer care team within the period of 12 hours of product delivery. Our Customer care team will surely take some action after looking into your problem.

Refund Policy –

Whenever you purchase our company’s services or products, the company does not offer any return policy owing to the business’s nature.

However, if still, you are completely unhappy with your deal then, you can inform this to our customer care service team within the period of 24 hours of receiving the service. Our customer care team will take some suitable action after considering your complaint.

While availing our SEO services, the plan of payment is quite easy for the client as he or she has to pay the next month costs after appraising the performance or work of the preceding services.

Because of the nature of our company’s business, we do not offer any assurance of traffic/rankings/sales. If you pay for the next payment of the project then, it means that you are approving your satisfaction about the services which we have provided until now.

Our return policy is dissimilar to the Assured Money back SEO plan. Under this plan, a distinct contract will be placed to for qualifying for the Money back. The main conditions for this plan are enumerated on the page of Money Back SEO.

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