Is your website not impeccable?
Maybe it has got certain broken links internally, possibly tinny content or small pages, and perhaps various pages deprived of the recognized tags.

To have a perfect website, before the offsite SEO and on-page optimization takes place.

Do you want to know why we do so?

Well! The formation of the links in a website appears like a tasty turkey dish but without the presence of the gravy.
Sound Useless?

In a survey conducted by SEJ, around 39 percent of the SEO experts confront technical SEO mainly. We are in this part of 39 percent.

In advance to the development of the link building strategy, we need to organize a technical SEO assessment.
We need to fix the shattered on-site formerly beginning the off-site.

After the evaluation of the site construction for internal link assignment and highest-executing pages for linkable resources, we become competent to ascertain current content which can benefit the strategy of link building.

Find Your Top Pages
For instance, for finding the top pages having low hit rates we need to hit the Google Search Console. You need to use the Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report and classify by high hits.
The next thing we will use is the Google analytics that helps in discovering the high performing pages with the average time and bounce rate on the website.

Find 404 Pages
One more approach that we will use is creep-in the website with the help of the Screaming Frog for finding the 404 errors.
Later on, we will plus all the 404 pages in the Moz for checking that if there are any beneficial links directing to these fragmented pages.
As a final point, we will look at all the opponents of Screaming Frog by creep-in their website.
At this moment we will link up the 404 pages in the Moz.
If there is any page having quality links, we will utilize the Way-back Machine for checking that which kind of content was present there earlier.
In case of any high-quality content existence, we will rewrite or recreate the writings again on our own and pitch the persons previously connecting to my opponent’s broken page.

Do a Back link Review
As soon as the completion of the technical audit, we will move inside the Google Search Console for leading a back link examination.
In case of any spams or immaterial sites that link to my customer in excess of 1,000 times from 1single page, we will move them to the rejected file.

Period of time: Month 1, 2, 3 and each quarter
Outcomes Discovered: 1-4 months after the execution

Tools required:
Google Analytics
Deep Crawl
Screaming Frog
Google Search Console
Ahrefs (or Moz)

Link structure advantages of technical SEO:
Following are the link structure advantages of technical SEO:

  • It will benefit you in getting the full performance from the website links.
  • It resembles a clean website construction and knowledge of PR flow which is very important for placement of the internal link.

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